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Using apt from unsigned repository

Date: 2022-12-28Last modified: 2023-03-07

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To avoid errors on command apt update related to unsigned repositories inside Dockerfile the option [trusted=yes] was added before repository URL on apt list file.

I am not convinced about the security is ok.

$ cat llvm.list 
deb [trusted=yes] llvm-toolchain-bullseye main
deb-src [trusted=yes] llvm-toolchain-bullseye main
# 14 
deb [trusted=yes] llvm-toolchain-bullseye-14 main
deb-src [trusted=yes] llvm-toolchain-bullseye-14 main
# 15 
deb [trusted=yes] llvm-toolchain-bullseye-15 main
deb-src [trusted=yes] llvm-toolchain-bullseye-15 main

deb [trusted=yes] jessie main