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C++ thread 02

Date: 2024-02-17Last modified: 2024-02-26

Table of contents

void func_1()
  fmt::print( "hello from method {}\n", __FUNCTION__ );
void func_2()
  fmt::print( "hello from method {}\n", __FUNCTION__ );
int main()
  std::thread thread_1( func_1 );
  std::thread thread_2( func_2 );

  // This program is unsafe
  // I intentionally forgot to join or detach here to produce an error
  // thread_1.join();


  if( thread_1.joinable() ) {
    fmt::print( "thread_1 is joinable thread\n" );

  if( thread_2.joinable() ) {
    fmt::print( "thread_2 is joinable thread\n" );
  else {
    fmt::print( "after calling join, thread_2 is not a joinable thread\n" );

  fmt::print( "hello from main thread\n" );

  // give time for all threads execute their functions
  std::this_thread::sleep_for( std::chrono::seconds( 1 ) );
  std::fflush( nullptr );

  // An exception std::terminate should be throwed for thread_1
  return 0;

Possible output

hello from method func_1
hello from method func_2
thread_1 is joinable thread
after calling join, thread_2 is not a joinable thread
hello from main thread

Possible error output

terminate called without an active exception