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Date: 2022-12-21Last modified: 2023-02-13

User Stories

Fig. 1 - INVEST
Statement template
Fig. 2 - Statement template
User story example
Fig. 3 - User story example
Non functional story
Fig. 4 - Non functional story
Acceptance Criteria example
Fig. 5 - Acceptance Criteria example

Definition of done

Minimum requirements have been met for all stories.

Definition of done example
Fig. 6 - Definition of done example
Definition of done example
Fig. 7 - Definition of done example

Stand up discussion questions

Daily Scrum meeting

The Daily Scrum includes all three Cs, and is the expected cadence for communication and collaboration.

Backlog changes

Backlog refinement session


Information radiator

An information radiator is anything you post on your team sites or walls that helps the team understand the work and its progress.

Sprint review