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Vim com rails

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  • gf considers context and knows about partials, fixtures, and much more. There are two commands,
  • :A (alternate) and
  • :R (related) for easy jumping between files, including favorites like model to schema, template to helper, and controller to functional test. Commands like
  • :Emodel,
  • :Eview,
  • :Econtroller

are provided to :edit files by type, along with S, V, and T variants for :split, :vsplit, and :tabedit. Throw a bang on the end (:Emodel foo!) to automatically create the file with the standard boilerplate if it doesn't exist. :help rails-navigation

  • Enhanced syntax highlighting. From has_and_belongs_to_many to distance_of_time_in_words, it's here.
  • Interface to rake. Use :Rake to run the current test, spec, or feature. Use :.Rake to do a focused run of just the method, example, or scenario on the current line. :Rake can also run arbitrary migrations, load individual fixtures, and more. :help rails-rake
  • Interface to the rails command. Generally, use :Rails console to call rails console. Many commands have wrappers with additional features: :Rgenerate controller Blog generates a blog controller and loads the generated files into the quickfix list, and :Rrunner wraps rails runner and doubles as a direct test runner. :help rails-scripts
  • Partial and concern extraction. In a view, :Rextract {file} replaces the desired range (typically selected in visual line mode) with render '{file}', which is automatically created with your content. In a model or controller, a concern is created, with the appropriate include declaration left behind. :help rails-:Rextract
  • Fully customizable. Define "projections" at the global, app, or gem level to define navigation commands and override the alternate file, default rake task, syntax highlighting, abbreviations, and more. :help rails-projections.
  • Integration with other plugins. If dbext.vim is installed, it will be transparently configured to reflect database.yml. Users of abolish.vim get pluralize and tableize coercions, and users of bundler.vim get a smattering of features. :help rails-integration